I  N  T  E  R  D  I  S  C  I  P  L  I  N  A  R Y     T H E  A  T  R E     A R  T  I  S  T                                                                                           

Producing artwork through

Theatre      Film      Performance Art      Installation     Music

Siw Laurent is a French-Norwegian interdisciplinary theatre artist producing artwork through theatre, film, performance art, installation and music. She is the Performance Consultant and Artistic Advisor in the global field of Nature Connection and Ecotherapy at the University of Southeast Norway, Performing Arts Coordinator at NOoSPHERE Arts and permanent artist in residence at the Mothership NYC. She has written, produced and performed work in Norway and NYC since 2013 and is the founder of Active Body Listening, a practice based on psychoanalysis for holistic evolution and artistic expression.

She is a member of Coco Dolle's performance art collective Legacy Fatale and produces work with partner Ino Badanjak through their theatre company Axis Mundi, and her artist collective InMoArCo for interdisciplinary collaboration in the arts. Her works have been hosted by performance art festivals and venues such as Eminent Domain at the Robert Miller Gallery in Chelsea, Itinerant  Performance Art Festival at Last Frontier NYC, Neo-Domesticity Performance Art Festival at Glasshouse Art Gallery, Noumena : Initiation at Plaxall Gallery in LIC, Suffragettes Performance Art Festival at Rosekill, Grace Exhibition Space, Mothership NYC, HB Studios, Kværnerbyen Scene Oslo Norway, Villa Villplukk Oslo, Norway, to mention some.


The stage is where the gap between "us and them" might get bridged. It is where lost hope might be regained, where lack of purpose might be re-ignited, where one's spirit can take over and the human rest.



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